Rabbit's 1966 CHEVY II SEDAN

From the Beginning

  The car had sat behind a heavy equipment business for at least 18 years. While there kids threw rocks through all the windows and busted them all out except for the wing windows. As you can see by the photos the front end was taken off sometime during that time (Stolen or sold not sure there either). Also due to the lack of glass you can see that the floors were totally eaten up by the weather. A lot of what is missing in the photos I cut out but about 40% of the floors from rear seat to the firewall was gone. I take photos each day that I worked on it . So check out the entire build of the car to getting it back on the streets. 

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Giving it New Strength

The car was weakened so much by the decay from the many years of neglect that the first thing in order was adding structure back to it.

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It is Starting to Look Like Something.

Finally after months of patch work and a lot of fab. work it is starting to look like a car again. After seeing the photos here you might be a little surprised with what you see starting to take shape.

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Finally Seeing Some Light at the End of the Long Tunnel


Still very faint but there is a some hope out there for the little deuce that could.

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The Light Kept Getting Brighter and Brighter


You can click to see the train that came from the tunnel.

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