Many may have known I was working on a new toy but I wanted to keep this on the quiet side for my own reasoning. Most know that I have quite often started projects and drug my feet about finishing them. This one was one I wanted to be different about. I made quite a few resolutions with myself about finishing the car and was very strict on my self and it worked. From the time I found the car with a great help of my step brother (Paul) until it was finished I vowed to do nothing related to cars other than up-keep of my 2 websites. From Sept. 2005 until June 2006 I only went to 2 shows (one for my websites and one for parts for the car) during this time and am very glad I did what I set out to do. I owe several people many thanks (Paul, Randy, Tim, Troy, Greg, and my dad)) in lending helping hands without them I would still be spending day in and day out in the garage or elsewhere looking for the parts I needed to finish the car. Most importantly is the support of my family (my wife and 2 daughters) while I have gone through this with their tremendous amount of patience. However my wife did get her a nice toy out of this as well as you can see in some of the first photos along with my car. This is one of those cars that is, has, and always will definitely get loads of attention, either wows or wonders, by many. As you can see by the photos on previous pages and this page the car has really came along way and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

 I wanted a car to look just as though I had found an old drag car that had been sitting for 20+ years, pulled it right out of a barn and got it running and put it on the street. I think I did what I set out to do. It looks so much like a race car that it is hard to convince many that IT IS IN FACT A STREET CAR. So now all that is left is to drive the hell out of it and that is what I am doing every chance I get.........................

                     RAIN or SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see in some of the photos it does see a little strip time but that is just for the fun of it. The car is not actually as fast as most think it is. That is because it was built for the street with the looks of a race car. From it finish in summer of 2006 it has been down the track maybe a max total of 20 passes (5 quarter mile the rest were eight mile) and all those were just while attending nostalgia events as a participant in the show. The car is driven everywhere it goes within 125 miles one way. Since it's completion I have logged more than 8000 miles in the driver seat and enjoyed every minute of it. I have had police pull me over in it just to get a look at the thing in amazement. I even asked one Tenn. Highway Patrol officer to look the car over real close for anything he could find illegal about the car and the only thing he found was there were no wipers. Other that that he couldn't find anything because I was very careful while building the car to follow all state laws. All lights work (even the dome light) the bumper height is within spec. and the horn works. So with that said I'll see you on the streets!!




This car is currently for sale as roller or turn key and all prices are negotiable. I am ready to go a different route and build something different. I may also trade even or down (money or shop tools to me) for something that may interest me. I like nostalgia of any kind such as old super stock, funny cars, muscle-cars, and more. Here is a small list of things I would be interested to give you an idea (gassers, tri-fives, anglia, Henry J, Willy's, Thames, not street rod type, 67-73 Camaro, 68-72 Nova, 70-73 Vega (no Pontiac Astre's), maybe 67-69 Firebird, and others possible so let me know). Absolutely no S-10's or bigger pick-up trucks or tube chassis cars. Not interested in back half, pro-street, or cut up race cars. I want a street car that means it must have original dash not a full cage and I want an accessible rear seat for my grand-daughter that loves the cars but can't ride in the one I have now. A/c would be a plus as well. Current engine is SBC 350 .030 flattop pistons, GM double hump (461) heads, weiand tunnel ram intake with 2- 450 Holley carbs, MSD 6a ignition w/ rev limiter, solid lift cam(approx. 550-575 lift). Trans is M-21 muncie with Hurst shifter and new in September (less than 200 miles) centerforce dual friction clutch & pressure plate. I am in the process of installing S-10 rear with 3.42 gear to replace the Dana 60 with 4.56 to make it a much more street friendly car. It currently has the 15x4 Cragar SS front wheels(as in most of the photos) and 15x10 Cragar SS on the rear with 29x12.5 Mickey Thompson Sportsmans.

 If you have interest in the car or something you think I might be interested in let me know at or you can contact me on cell at (865)five91-0three3five




Some may say it's just an old hunk o'junk but evidently more must like it than not. Here are some of the magazine shots of the old thing. I have more to add as soon as I find where I put them so I can scan them. 




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