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Here are some photos from the Aug 23rd Somernights cruise in Somerset, Ky. Taken by Erica (my 9 year old daughter) and myself.

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Just a beginning look at Main St.

Below all the photos are thumbnailed so just click them to get a better look at the cars that were there.

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This car was seen cruising the town a few times setting of car alarms as it went by.

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The alky powerplant.

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An all fiberglass project car.

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A look at just one of the approx.20 parking lots that were all full.

orange71z28.jpg (115172 bytes) org69cam.jpg (152200 bytes) ourlot.jpg (122247 bytes) Another full lot.Also happens to be the one we parked in.(hehehe)
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red67velle.jpg (152332 bytes) red70.jpg (127151 bytes) red87truck.jpg (116836 bytes) silver72ssvelle.jpg (85090 bytes)
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This neat little truck had a small block with 3 deuces to match the rest of the theme of the truck.


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