This is the normal view of most parking lots in Pigeon forge at the rod runs. All photos were taken the weekend of the Grand spring rod run in April 2003.

the normal view at the rod runs.JPG (111925 bytes) TheNovaGang.JPG (32481 bytes)

Novacollection.JPG (111006 bytes)

BurgandyDeuce.JPG (55755 bytes)

LilHummer.JPG (36702 bytes)

Turquoise55-6.JPG (66939 bytes)

Just for Ron!!!!!!!!!4th gen.JPG (43870 bytes)

cruisin' Nova.JPG (19717 bytes) cruise.jpg (31228 bytes)


I thought you would like this next picture Rich. Especially the green thing in the center.

Just for Rich LOL.JPG (176777 bytes)

parking lot at our hotel.JPG (81075 bytes)

Now I'll start adding photos from some of the other shows.

prostreetdeuce.JPG (39712 bytes)

This pic was taken at the Camaro,Chevelle,Nova nats in Pigeon Forge in June,2003

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