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These are some of the photos taken Dec.15,2002.

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These photos below were taken the day after the basket case came home. I still think it looks better than some of the other hillbillies here in Tennessee lawn decorations. Whatdya think??

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     Note how the roll cage was cut from the entire car (strut bars and in cockpit of the car) Just more for me to redo on this thing. As if it wasn't taken far enough apart with the things that unbolt they even had to get the saw out on it.

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I just about messed my pants when I found out my car was a cover car.You can click the three photos of the magazine pages to get a larger view of them to read all that is printed in the magazine article. Even though there isn't much to it, I still think it's cool.


                   Well I think someone was trying to tell me something when they got me this clock!!!

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                    If I'm ever gonna get this thing done I had better get with it. Any volunteers to help ?!?!?!?

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