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dadswagonsideview.jpg (83677 bytes) Here are some pics of my dads toys.



<--These two shots are Dads '62   9 passenger wagon cruisin on bags(hehe).-->

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Another on going project for dad.


Here's a picture of dads 48 sedan delivery that is currently under construction.

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This is  another project in waiting.A 47 chevy coupe.

Making some progress on the delivery, huh?

dads48deliveryrtfrt2.jpg (334931 bytes)

dads48deliveryrtrear.jpg (340302 bytes)

I think I like it better with these wheels than the steel ones.

Running out of places for all these toys. Before long we are gonna have to start stacking themDad's38Sedan.jpg (332912 bytes)

55deliverydrside.jpg (48726 bytes)

Dad had this thing but didn't have it long enough (about a month) for me to learn much about it so I can't say much but it sure was cool.

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Of course I can't forget the kids lil vette but you know pop (yep that's me in that thing) has to take it for a spin sometimes to make sure everything is running OK.wink[1].gif (1739 bytes)

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All the ricers think that they started this import craze. I guess none of them ever saw me back in '90-'91.I was hot rodding everything I could get my hands on before most of them were even thinking about driving.

Gregs_55_May18-03.jpg (40279 bytes)

Here is brothers car just itching to get out and prowl the streets.It's been mini tubbed with a mean 327 and M-22      4 speed.

55reartire.jpg (40237 bytes)

Now that's some meats.



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These two shots here were taken Aug 17,03

gregs55.jpg (40307 bytes)

Taken at the "Fun in the Sun run" in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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Now I got a couple shots of Uncle Avery's Studebaker truck that will be a cool ride when finished.

averysstudtruck.jpg (39992 bytes)

morestudtruck.jpg (40007 bytes)

Sorry this is a little dark the sun was glaring in the door at me.


Well I finally (after20 years) got a descent shot of the old mans 55 now I have to try and get a good one with a better camera (hopefully not another 20). Sorry it's a little fuzzy.

The license plate says it all.

I have more Pics just gotta find them. I'll see what I can do real soon.
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