Okay, my dad thinks just because he makes the hot rods, means he doesn't have to share. Well, if it weren't for Erica and me pulling the rodders around he wouldn't get any $$$$$!!!! Just kidding... believe me, dad can be stingy when it comes to his rods, but I play with them anyways.

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Dad and I have begun another project. I get my permit in a couple of years and I was thinking about what kind of car I want, I want a '70 Camaro.

We have decided that it is going to be War Bonnet Yellow with Black SS Stripes. I am going to have Rally Tires with a Small Block & Automatic Transmission. 

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This '70 Chevelle SS is owned by Bill Taylor in Merrimack, NH. I want my car to be exact, but my car isn't going to be a Chevelle I'm taking a sharp turn into a Camaro. I Love this car!!!






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