Welcome, Nestled in the heart of the Smoky mountains of East Tennessee to an auto show filled with some of the most prestigious autos known (and some not known about) still in existence today.


This was a first annual event and from the looks of things it is going to be show that will definetly be a hit with all the top names in musclecar collecting history in the years to come. The photos I have shown here are just a sampling of the excellence that was there. Some of the pictures turned out a little dark due to the lighting inside but I still did my best. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did the show.  Tim "COPOloco" Lopata and family did a superb job gathering all these excellent examples of true American history under one roof for an invitation only meet. They deserved a thank you from everyone participating and spectating. This show may not have been a large show but the quality and magnitude of the machinery in attendance was unbeatable. I myself had only seen few (maybe 5) true Yenko cars and never seen a true Baldwin Motion car until this show. Here there were 5 Yenkos and 3 Motion cars all with in feet of each other. There was even a Smokey Yunick built 69 Camaro 302 small block Hemi car. 

Walking inside the convention center was a treat all it's own. It let's you know you are in for one heck of a treat.

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These cars were built by the GMMG group to honor some of the true racing legends.

Now for what I think was my favorite of the entire show. Formerly owned by Reggie Jackson.

These shots are of the Smokey Yunick built 69 Z-28 302 Hemi car.


What a powerplant. There were only 5 of these engines built By Smokey and only 3 still known to be around. It was a treat to even see the car and on Sunday afternoon it was more like a dream when hearing it run was truly awesome. I still get goosebumps every time I think about the once in a lifetime experience it was. I liked it so much I even got the shirt.



There was even a ZL-1 COPO car there. You can see some of this car in the background of the photo with the orange Yenko Camaro.


Another extremely rare car was this 1 of 6 built convertible from Ontario, Canada. A rare find here in a GT 500 convertible Mustang.


Rumor I heard floating around the show this car could be yours for a a mere $100k it is practically new it still has the Ford decal on the exhaust tubing just in front of the muffler.

Once again Thanks to Tim and everyone involved

in making this the success that it was.

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