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     Here are pictures of some of my friends cool rides. If they have a site you can click the picture here and it will take you straight to their site to see more of their ride(s). Enjoy!

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Any of the pictures that are highlighted on this page can be clicked to go directly to the friends site.

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A long time friend of the family has this really quick 69 Firebird.

Rich is one hell of a car builder check out his Sun Coast Rides on the favorites page. This car is also listed for sale there. You can click the photo to see the build-up of the 'Wagoon'.

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Learn more about the buildup and super power produced by this deuce by going to Dennis's site.

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Thumper has a sharp little 64 sedan with a 406 small bock that is sure to scoot.


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Here is Kendells's 66 and Felicia's Vette at the rod runs in Pigeon Forge.

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This was an old drag car that ran here local back in the late 70's. Jim "the Boogie man" Needham was a force to deal with at the local drags.

daleswoody.jpg (20118 bytes)

Dale has put alot of time and effort into this sweet ride check it out for yourself.


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Tommy has this really sharp looking 68 SS Chevy II big block & 4 speed car. I can't wait to get to check it out in person

boogieman2.jpg (96935 bytes)

Another shot of the wheels up launch generated by the boogie mans big block.


rickytrussel.jpg (40161 bytes)

What else can I say but,   WOW! See for yourself.


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Check out these rides from the guys up in West Virginia!


Tims63.jpg (16847 bytes)

Congrats Tim, glad you got it back together everyone check out the build of this cool pro streeter.

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This is always the competitions view of "The Real McCoy"

These are a few shots of Joe McCoy's wicked Nova.

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Joe in the winners circle at Greer Dragway. JoeWinnersCircleGreer.jpg (44643 bytes)

I just couldn't leave this one out, after all it's what all the hard work is for.

Another of Joe's toys. Joescamaro.jpg (39344 bytes) Joescamaro2.jpg (31560 bytes)

From what I hear about this one, it's pretty mean too.

Shane sure has a sweet looking 65 nova that I got to check out close at the Nova Nats. in Indy in the summer of 2003.Check it out for yourself.

This sweet ride belongs to Mark Beaver (aka Tirefryer) from Ok.

Mark's own description of the car; "1969 camaro convertible 350 motor mild cam alum. intake, holley carb., hooker headers, flowmaster mufflers, 350 turbo trans. with shift kit, 10 bolt rearend 2.73 gears ( this is my dream car)."

More to Come soon!

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