Ok, my toys aren't always for me they also have to be enjoyed by the ones they were built for as well. So I am posting a few pictures here of the younger hot rodders.

First is my granddads trike he use to ride around down in Fla. but finally gave it to me after years of me begging and pleading for it. I had it a few years but just after he passed away it was time to get it back out and finish it up. I just had to pep it up being the hot rodder I am. Then there is the picture of Erica's (Kid in tow) little wagon that she likes to ride around in at the shows.

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Here are some of the Girl's cars they like to strut around with at the shows (they love all of the attention that these toys attract to them).

nomad right front.jpg (200812 bytes) nomad rear.jpg (170976 bytes) lilnova6.jpg (104540 bytes) lilnova2.jpg (136541 bytes) 

This Is Erica when she first sees her New OCC Chopper at her Birthday Party. I think she Likes it!!!!

Living it up for the camera.

Felicia had to take her turn on it as well.


Now for the real little hot Rodders toys.

cheez-whizstroller 2.jpg (93673 bytes) Carl's stroller.jpg (84459 bytes) hot rod2.jpg (545924 bytes) hot rod stroller.jpg (145704 bytes)

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