It is April 28, 2007 and you say it is just another day in the backwoods of Tennessee? Think again! It was a quiet drizzly morning at the base of the Smoky Mountains. All of a sudden there was such a noise that could be heard for miles. It was the sound of terror to many but for those at 411 Dragway it was music to the tune of horsepower and laughter from the planning of the poor boys car clubs 3rd annual Rat Rod Rumble. There was a car show, swap meet, drag race and even a live band. Everyone had a blast as the skies cleared up and out came the rods (ie. rat, hot, or street) for every ones enjoyment. Please enjoy the photos below.



Each photo is clickable for a larger view.

After the Rumble alot of the locals got together for an "After rumble Garage Party" Check it out.
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